Ekklesia Society has initiated a 3-4 year project working with our GAFCON Partners to equip local churches to bring healing to traumatic wounds and experiences. The Healing the Wounds of Trauma Initiative will pay particular attention to conflict areas in Africa where rape has been used as a weapon in tribal and religious conflicts. The Healing the Wounds of Trauma Initiative consists of a 3-pronged approach that will not only bring healing to traumatic experiences, but will equip local churches to address the cultural patterns of abuse that keep the cycles of violence alive.  The Healing the Wounds of Trauma Initiative will consist to 3 phases. They are:

2021 Update

“I learned we have to forgive because if we don’t that poison runs through our veins and destroy us from the inside That’s the reason why God gave us that gift for us to forgive and fight for the common good and to leave evilness behind us.” – “Maria”
Learning to SING: Research into the Effectiveness of a Faith-Based Intervention Benefiting Traumatized Women initial study was conducted to determine if the effects of using the Stories in Grace Curriculum would be beneficial to a group of women who have experienced trauma. Study results are available below.